Edelweiss Menu

As Appetizer

Start your meal with a selection of Swiss products, which are served on a wooden board to be shared. Maybe a glass of wine or a cold beer to go with it? The perfect combination to enjoy in the company of friends and family.

Edelweiss Plättli

Bernese mountain cheese, Meiringer mutschli cheese, salami, dry Rugenwald ham,
Air-dried beef from Appenzell, served with butter & bread

CHF 25.00

Small portions cost CHF 3 less

Dishes to share cost CHF 4 more

Vegetarian =vege35

Lactose Free= lactose

Contains Nuts = nuts

Gluten Free= gluten

All our meat is from Swiss origin.

Our fish was caught with a trawl.

Basic salads

Edelweiss mixed garden salad with vegetable salads, seeds and croutons


CHF 8.50

Regular size

CHF 13.00

All our salads are served with Italian dressing, French dressing or with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Special salads

Swiss sausage salad with onions and pickled gherkins.gluten

CHF 16.50

Swiss sausage and cheese salad with onions and pickled gherkins gluten

CHF 18.50


Pasta dishes

5Pasta Genovese with homemade pesto from pine nuts,fresh basil, garlic, olive oil and parmesan cheese.nuts lactose vege35

CHF 16.00

Pasta Napoli, with homemade tomato sauce. lactose vege35

CHF 16.50

Pasta Ragout Bolognese, with homemade bolognese sauce (beef)

CHF 21.50

Served with parmesan cheese  lactose



Pure Swissness

Vegetarian rösti with tomatoes and vegetables, gratinated with Alpine cheese.   glutenvege35

CHF 19.00

Cheese rösti with Alpine cheese.gluten vege35

CHF 17.00

Bernese rösti with smoked ham, gratinated with Alpine cheese. gluten

CHF 22.50

Bacon rösti with a fried egg sunny side up.gluten

CHF 22.50

All our meat is from Swiss origin

This menu will be served between 17.00 and 21.30

Preise in CHF und inklusive 7.7% Mwst/Prices in CHF and incl. 7.7% VAT/Prix en CHF et inclus 7.7 % TVA

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